Harmony Youth Center (HYC) is a non-profit incorporation dedicated to serving the community needs with emphasis on Youth Development. 

HYC is offering classes and activities to help youths enhance professional (technology, science, math), leadership (communication, team building) and extracurricular skills (arts, music, yoga, and sports) to become productive, responsible, caring citizens and lead a very happy, healthy and balanced life style.

Although major emphasis of HYC activities is on Youth, a number of programs including Yoga and Pranayam, Sports and Fitness are open to adults and members of all age groups to help cultivate stress managed and happy lifestyle.

HYC has started a number of Enrichment Programs and many exciting programs are under active discussion. 

Community Programs

HYC is partnering with established institutes and inspiring teachers to develop Community Programs consistent with its Vision and Mission. The activities planned at HYC can broadly be classified as Youth Development and Family Enrichment.

Youth Development

A number of programs directed at developing cultural, professional and leadership skills are being developed.


Yoga and Pranayam

The emphasis in these programs is to help individuals and families develop a stress managed and a healthy life style.


Sports and Fitness

The goal in these programs is to help individuals of all age groups to have fun, build team spirit and cultivate a happy, healthy and a stress free lifestyle.